Genesis Kinds England, Conclusion

Well, 4000 miles and nine Cadbury eggs later, I'm back in the good old USA. I think the Genesis Kinds conference was quite successful (despite some problems), and I do want to thank everyone who contributed to its success. Here's a brief recap of the posts from England:

Day 1: Westminster Abbey and Hunterian Museum
Day 2: Conference morning
Day 2: Conference evening
Day 3: Cambridge
Day 4: Natural History Museum

Now we just have to do it again in July! For those interested in that conference, we'll have registration available hopefully by March. Meanwhile, remember the BSG call for abstracts, and you might want to order a copy of the book from Wipf and Stock (remember, if you're planning to come to the conference, you'll get a copy of the book with your registration).

Now I've got three weeks before the next conference. I guess I should finish my paper...