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Core Academy research in the 2023 ICC Proceedings

  I'm pretty excited to see the ICC Proceedings are now available as a full volume (not sure when individual papers will appear). I often get asked "What do you do?" and it's very hard to describe.  I'm part promoter, part fundraiser, part administrator, part mentor, part scientist, part scholar, part writer, part teacher, part podcast mastermind.  Here in the ICC Proceedings, you can get a glimpse of a couple of those parts: mentor, scientist, scholar, writer.  You can catch up on previous ICC reporting on my blog ( here and here ) and on Let's Talk Creation podcast ( here and here ). Now you might think these papers will be written in egghead-ese and impossible to understand, and you'd be close to right.  But I especially want to draw your attention to one of our biggest contributions, Human History from Adam to Abraham , which was (hopefully) written with a more general reader in mind.  It's not exactly great bedtime reading, but I sincerely hope