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Full Schedule for Origins 2014

The full schedule for Origins 2014 is now available at the Creation Biology Society website .  And here it is! Wednesday, July 23 6:00 pm - Welcome dinner Thursday, July 24 - Technical Conference 8:00 am - CGS & CBS board meetings   8:45 am -  Session 1: Diversification & Design Wise - "Spectra of Perfection: A Case for Biological Imperfection before the Fall" Guliuzza - "The Value of Engineering Analysis in Identifying Organisms as the Primary Cause of Adaptability" Wise - "Ontogeny as a Diversification Analog" 10:00 am -  Break    10:15 am -  Geology Snelling - "Ebenezer: Taphonomic patterns in the Morrison Formation and a recently collected Allosaurus from northwestern Colorado" Wood - "A Recently Recovered Scrapbook Assembled by John T. Reid (1871-1943) Reveals the History of the 'Triassic Shoe Fossil'" Snelling - "Radioisotope dating of basaltic achondrites"   11:45 am -  Lu

Looking for some feedback

Core Academy of Science is developing short courses to help Christian teachers better understand and appreciate science and how science interacts with our Christian faith.  We have lots of ideas for course subjects, but we need a little guidance on what to do with those ideas.  That's where we need your input.  We've created a very short survey (shouldn't take more than a few minutes of your time) to get your ideas for short course topics. TAKE THE SURVEY HERE Thanks for your feedback! Feedback? Email me at toddcharleswood [at] gmail [dot] com.

Bill Nye is so funny!

Lately, I've been trying to temper my public sarcasm as I try to launch Core Academy, but sometimes the humor is so obvious and inviting, it will not be ignored. I got this in the mail recently from my "pals" at the National Center for Science Education (the leading secular anticreationist organization): I read that blurb in the gray bar, and I laughed and laughed.  Bill, when exactly did you "overwhelm" Ken Ham?  Was it the bow tie story that baffled everyone?  Or when you pulled out the Missoula Flood evidence of the ice age, only to have Ken agree with you?  Or maybe when you were expounding on the mysteries and wonders of science, only to have Ken reply, "You know, there's this book that has the answers ...." Overwhelmed?  You're so funny! Feedback? Email me at toddcharleswood [at] gmail [dot] com.