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What's new?

I have a few minutes this morning to update you on my current status and the status of Core Academy, but those minutes are going fast unfortunately.  Over the Christmas break, my friend who is the chemistry professor at Bryan College contracted COVID and spent a month in the hospital, and the college asked me to fill in for him.  I genuinely hoped it would be a temporary arrangement, but you know how COVID is.  I'll be there to the end of the semester, teaching three classes and running labs Monday through Thursday.  I can only guess that God wanted me back in the classroom, and I am grateful that I am able to step in and help my friend (who is recovering nicely now).  I'm also very grateful for my lab assistant, without whom lab would be 10x more work than it is. Meanwhile, the staff at Core Academy are keeping things humming along there, especially with production of our new "Let's Talk Creation" podcast.  I mostly just show up to the assigned recording days, an

Introducing "Let's Talk Creation"

I've teamed up with Paul Garner to start our own podcast!  This is a pretty new venture for me, and I'm very grateful for the opportunity to talk about creation.  Many, many thanks go to our staff at Core Academy, especially Brynna Frantz, for making this entire thing work.  We wouldn't be doing this without her excellent production efforts. You can watch the video here on YouTube: Or you can visit our podcast page for more information on how you can stream us on your favorite podcast platform. We do hope you like it, and we'll be working hard on the next installments very soon.  If you'd like to leave us feedback, the address is Feedback? Email me at toddcharleswood [at] gmail [dot] com. If you enjoyed this article, please consider a contribution to Core Academy of Science. Thank you. Have you read my book?  You should check that out too!