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Racism in America

Last week, I recorded a new episode of "Ask a Creationist," and I dealt with the question, "Is evolution racist?"  I reviewed the history of racism both in evolutionary thinking but also in creationist thinking.  On the creationist side, I looked at some nineteenth century American slavery apologetics that were written from a creationist perspective.  I intended to remind viewers that evolutionists do not have a monopoly on racism, and I also wanted to affirm that most of today's creationists and evolutionists are not guilty of the overt, outrageous racism of the past.  At least that's what I was going for, but as you know, modern racism is a touchy subject that invites strong reactions. First of all, here's the video, in case you missed it. We got some strong and angry reactions to this video, but I'll just leave that aside.  I'm sad that people would be angry about the truth, but I think a lot of that anger comes from things they think I say or