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Life together in amazing places

This has been a fascinating week for symbiosis, the study of how organisms live together.  My pal Joe Francis is a microbiologist, and he's enthusiastic about how microscopic creatures play important roles for everything else in the world.  He thinks that we really should be thinking more carefully about these symbiotic relationships if we are ever to understand God's great design for living things.  I think he's quite right about that.  Think about God's desire for relationship with us: He sent Jesus to die and rise from the dead so that He could have a real relationship with us.  That's an amazing commitment to relationships, and I would expect any creation made by that Creator should be chock full of relationships.  Everywhere we turn, we should find intricate interdependencies between organisms. Recently, I saw an interesting story about bacteria called clostridia and how they might relate to peanut allergies.  It seems that food allergies are on the rise in d