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Reacting to the Fool and the Heretic

Reactions to my new book with Darrel Falk are starting to trickle out.  You can read Joel Duff's initial review of The Fool and the Heretic , and there's a brief summary in Publisher's Weekly .  There are also sporadic comment threads on some discussion boards and on Facebook, if you care to hunt for them. Before we see many more, I wanted to make a few observations, mostly because I want to say these things before they happen (which they will).  Perhaps this is an egotistical exercise of pre-emptive I told you so , but I've been thinking a LOT about reviews and rebuttals lately, as I've written and considered writing at least four.  In this entire process, I've noticed some things I'd like to avoid about reaction writing. First, I expect there will be a number of reviews that will focus on the content of the arguments and critique our claims.  I'm certain that some of these will try to persuade Darrel and me (or the review readers) that some othe