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Yellowstone recap

As you know, I intended to update regularly with videos on my trip to Yellowstone, but that was a bit more involved than I anticipated.  Mostly because I was pretty exhausted at the end of the day.  I will continue working on them, but they will go up once I get home. In the meantime, here's a quick recap.  For those who might be wondering how I can afford to go to Yellowstone on my meager income, this trip was planned and paid for by my parents.  This was a big family trip they always wanted to do, and they've been talking about it for years.  I am immensely grateful to them for this amazing vacation. The first thing I think everyone notices about the park is how big it is.  I knew  how big it was but experiencing it is something entirely different.  We saw almost all the wildlife you might hope to see: moose, elk, deer, pronghorns, bison, marmots, chipmunks, birds galore, a coyote, six black bears, and two grizzlies.  The geyser basins are eerily amazing.  Beautiful, b

Yellowstone Adventure Part One

Monday is my day to update with some thoughtful article about this or that, but this week, I'm kind of busy with other things.  And here it is: Feedback? Email me at toddcharleswood [at] gmail [dot] com.