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Midsummer Celebration is coming to Chattanooga!

I'm really excited to announce that this year's Midsummer Celebration on June 20 in Chattanooga will feature guest speaker Paul Garner of Biblical Creation Ministries in the UK.  Since we launched Core Academy as a primarily online ministry, I've been eager to move our ministry to live events, and this will be our first big one. The main attraction will be Paul Garner's presentation The New Creationism: Building a Creation Model at 7 pm.  This presentation is FREE to the public and will be an excellent introduction to Core Academy's approach to the creation/evolution debate.  Model building seeks to create new understandings of science in light of the scripture, and it has yielded some of the most exciting advances in creationism of the past 25 years.  Paul will give examples of exciting progress from his own research.  This will be a great presentation for anyone interested in science and faith. MIDSUMMER CELEBRATION WEBSITE For those who want to go

Don't be like Jonah - Darrel Falk responds

Last week, I wrote an article about my on-going conversations with Darrel Falk .  He suggested that he might write a follow-up, and I agreed to have a look at it.  It's well worth reading, so with his permission, here it is. It was with considerable enjoyment that I read Todd’s recent blog in which he explores what a person should do when one’s “mortal enemy”—me, it turns out—asks for help.   I appreciate how as he sought an answer to the question—he turned to Scripture and Jesus instruction, which, it turns out, is that we are to love our enemy (Matthew 5:44) and that we are to bless those who curse us (Luke 6:28). I also liked the fact that Todd suggested that talking with me was better than the alternative: he didn’t want to take any chances on being swallowed  by a great fish.  So Todd, using Jonah and Jesus as his models, agreed to a little “cross-cultural” ministry.  He began to help me understand how a very smart biologist could hold a view that seems so incongruen

I'd rather NOT be swallowed by a giant fish

What do you do when your mortal enemy asks for help? I suppose we Christians could duck the question by pretending that we don't actually have any enemies.  I think that's a convenient and common excuse for why Christians hold grudges.  We just try to convince ourselves that it's not really a grudge or it's not really unloving.  That person I don't like isn't really my enemy.  I just don't like him.  I can love someone without liking them, right?  I think it's really interesting in the gospels that when Jesus says to love your neighbor, He's asked almost immediately to explain who my neighbor is, but when He says to love your enemies, no one has to ask who that is.  We all know who our enemies are. Back to the uncomfortable question: What do you do when your mortal enemy asks for help?  Maybe not just the person you don't like, but maybe the person who is actively campaigning against the work you feel God has called you to do.  Maybe t

Abstracts DUE for Origins 2015

This might be a little bit late for a reminder, but abstracts for Origins 2015 are due tomorrow.  See the call for abstracts for more information. Feedback? Email me at toddcharleswood [at] gmail [dot] com.