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Looking for some international creationists

Core Academy is cooking up an interesting plan that we can't really announce publicly yet, but... We would like to hear from international creationists who would be interested in doing some traveling to learn more about science and creation.  If you're from South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, or the Pacific (Canada or Mexico too), we'd like to have a conversation with you.  We're especially interested in talking to students or scholars.  If that little tease sounds interesting to you and you fit this description, let's have a conversation.  Email me directly at the address below.  Thanks! (I might add that this could be the start of something big, so don't delay contacting me!) Feedback? Email me at toddcharleswood [at] gmail [dot] com. If you enjoyed this article, please consider a contribution to Core Academy of Science. Thank you. Have you read my book?  You should check that out too!

About that book...

Longtime readers know that Darrel Falk and I have been working on a book together called The Fool and the Heretic .  It's kind of a creation/evolution book but also a memoir and a commentary on conflict and the unity of the church.  I can't remember how long we've been working on this book, and I am cautiously glad to see it finally in print. It's a difficult book, though. It was immensely difficult to write.  I felt like I only get one chance at this, and I need to write something so astonishingly good that it will be unforgettable.  I kept editing and tinkering and rewriting my bits, and finally I had to tell myself, "That will have to be good enough.  I can't keep everyone else waiting while I pursue some impossible perfection."  I actually fast-tracked The Quest  on my list of things to do, because I wanted a chance to make a fuller and clearer statement of my own before The Fool and the Heretic  arrived at retail.  I didn't want anyone to m