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Creation Celebration 2020

With the COVID-19 crisis putting a stop to all our live events, we at Core Academy decided to cancel our annual banquet, but fear not!  All is not lost.  After my generally positive experience with two online conferences this summer, we also decided to host our first virtual conference online.  We've announced it already in our newsletter and on our social media, and you can find the website (and tickets) by clicking here . The format will be a little different from the usual creation conference.  My goal is to focus on attention on the Creator through the creation.  Creation Celebration will have a special focus on worship, including music and special devotionals.  If you've read The Quest , you already know what you might expect from the devotionals. The second main ingredient will be short video presentations from a lot of people.  Some will focus on questions about creation's history and origin.  We'll be exploring intelligent design, the Flood, the fossil record, a

What's up? Dino feathers, the collapse of Christian education, and more

I have a new episode of "Ask a Creationist" up over on YouTube.  In it, I deal with the question of dinosaur feathers!  Some creationists have called my videos unchristian and dangerous (seriously), which I take as a badge of honor.  This one's already got three downvotes, so you know it's gotta be good! Meanwhile, I've been working hard on a new baraminology paper (easily my biggest ever), and I've started a project on the human genome (took me long enough, I know, I know). Meanwhile, there's cool new stuff to read.  Christianity Today  released a piece by Liam Adams on the slow death throes of Christian colleges .  I've been aware of the decline for years now, with decreasing enrollments and increasing (costly) regulations.  I've watched in disappointment as most Christian colleges have responded by working furiously to become like everyone else, rather than becoming something distinctly and uniquely attractive.  There's lots of reasons for w