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The Vision of Core Academy

Traditionally at this time of year, non-profit directors and presidents send letters to their supporters listing all their accomplishments and asking for donations. I’m tempted to follow the same template and tell you all about the things we’ve done and want to do, but I would rather focus on what we want to be. I want to give you a sense of the goal that Core Academy of Science is striving to become. It’s no secret that evangelical Christianity and science don’t exactly get along . Whether it’s evolution or stem cells or climate change or reproductive technology or even more technical issues, Christians seem to be at odds with science. Maybe that doesn’t bother you. Maybe you just don’t understand all the fuss, and you just trust that God will work it out in the end. That may be fine for you personally, but ignoring the problems won’t work for the body of Christ. As unbelieving scientists continue to push against traditional Christian ethics and beliefs, an unengaged, unscien