Genesis Kinds England, Day 2 Evening

The formal presentations concluded today, and I think we delivered a fairly good conference. I haven't talked to a lot of the people here, but they seemed to have enjoyed what we did. Here are some photos of the sessions.

Paul Garner presenting his paper on the history of speciation in creationism:

Ken Turner delivered his paper on the meaning and theological significance of min:

Roger Sanders discussed speciation on islands after the Flood:

Here I am presenting my best case for discontinuity (which turns out could be much better, and I'm looking forward to advancing the research):

Kurt Wise presenting his Post-Flood Continuity Criterion, which turns out to be even more fascinating than the preview he gave at BSG last year:

Joe Francis advanced creationist understanding of symbiosis and speciation:

Here's my favorite picture. After dinner we had a little Q&A in the Oak Room, where microbiologist Joe Francis explained the nuances of cholera, while Bible scholar Ken Turner struggled to stay awake (God bless him for putting up with a weekend of us scientists):

The real reason I come to England:

If you would like to get a copy of the proceedings of this conference, then this is your lucky day. Wipf and Stock has just posted the online order form for this book on their website, for a cost of only $17.60 plus shipping:
Genesis Kinds book
If you're looking for a copy in England, contact the conference cosponsor, Biblical Creation Ministries. They have a few leftover copies from the conference, which they will be selling.