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About that book...

Longtime readers know that Darrel Falk and I have been working on a book together called The Fool and the Heretic.  It's kind of a creation/evolution book but also a memoir and a commentary on conflict and the unity of the church.  I can't remember how long we've been working on this book, and I am cautiously glad to see it finally in print.

It's a difficult book, though.

It was immensely difficult to write.  I felt like I only get one chance at this, and I need to write something so astonishingly good that it will be unforgettable.  I kept editing and tinkering and rewriting my bits, and finally I had to tell myself, "That will have to be good enough.  I can't keep everyone else waiting while I pursue some impossible perfection."  I actually fast-tracked The Quest on my list of things to do, because I wanted a chance to make a fuller and clearer statement of my own before The Fool and the Heretic arrived at retail.  I didn't want anyone to misunders…