Origins 2019: Reclaiming Wisdom

I wanted to make sure everyone reading knew about the Origins 2019 conference coming up July 17-20 at Cedarville University.  I'll be speaking on human origins at the special "Reclaiming Wisdom" conference held in conjunction with Origins 2019.  You can find the call for abstracts at the Creation Biology Society website, and more information about the conference can be found at the Reclaim Wisdom siteAbstract submissions are due May 10, 2019.  I hope to see you there!

Call for Abstracts
Reclaim Wisdom
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I got some 'splainin' to do

I've got a weird, awkward announcement, so let's just rip it off like a band-aid: I'm going to speak at the BioLogos conference next week.  I'll be appearing with Darrel Falk and Michael Gulker of the Colossian Forum.  We'll be talking about the book The Fool and the Heretic.  Our session is scheduled for Friday afternoon 1:30 to 2:30 in the main plenary room (Constellation AB).

For that small minority of my readers who don't know, BioLogos is an evangelical organization dedicated to promoting evolution to other evangelicals.  I am a young-age creationist, and I have a lot of problems with mixing evolution and Christianity.

Before you ask, no, I have not gone over to the dark side.  I just had an opportunity to speak to a crowd that would normally not listen to any young-age creationists.  Not in person, anyway.  That's a tempting prospect.  Also, Darrel really wanted to go and promote our work together.  So even though I already had plans next weekend, I …

Is the fool unique?

For those following The Fool and the Heretic, there have been a smattering of updates.  Personally, I've had a few comments from other creationists, most of which tended to be confused (about Darrel and the book), cautious, and just a tiny bit confrontational.  I've also had very encouraging comments from folks who really appreciate what we're trying to do.  That's been gratifying.

In addition to our Bible Gateway interview, you can also read a more extensive interaction between Darrel and me at the Henry Center's website, Sapientia.  The exchange begins with Darrel's review of The Quest, followed by my response, and Darrel's final response to me.  Then there's an interview with the both of us conducted by Hans Madueme.

Reviews are still sparse.  Amazon currently has just four reviews posted, and they are all positive.  I think Gregg Davidson's review has an interesting claim that I will address below, namely, that I'm an oddity in creationism …

Further thoughts from Trinity Western University

I'm just back from Vancouver where I spoke at Trinity Western University with Darrel Falk and Rob Barrett of The Colossian Forum.  I had a pleasant time there, even though it was evident that few people in the various audiences we spoke to were "on my side," as it were.  The Q&A was illuminating in many ways.  I felt at times that the questions directed to me were antagonistic and confrontational.  They repeated some very standard talking points for why creationists are wrong, and I got pretty animated with some of my answers.  At one point, I even elicited gasps with my bluntness.  As Darrel, Rob, and I discussed our experiences the morning after the meeting, Rob said he interpreted the questions as more honest curiosity.  That's definitely possible, because my personal interactions were not confrontational at all.  Then again, perhaps the more confrontational people simply avoided me?  Who knows.

Some of the questions, as best as I can recall them:

How can you …

Reacting to the Fool and the Heretic

Reactions to my new book with Darrel Falk are starting to trickle out.  You can read Joel Duff's initial review of The Fool and the Heretic, and there's a brief summary in Publisher's Weekly.  There are also sporadic comment threads on some discussion boards and on Facebook, if you care to hunt for them.

Before we see many more, I wanted to make a few observations, mostly because I want to say these things before they happen (which they will).  Perhaps this is an egotistical exercise of pre-emptive I told you so, but I've been thinking a LOT about reviews and rebuttals lately, as I've written and considered writing at least four.  In this entire process, I've noticed some things I'd like to avoid about reaction writing.

First, I expect there will be a number of reviews that will focus on the content of the arguments and critique our claims.  I'm certain that some of these will try to persuade Darrel and me (or the review readers) that some other option…

Looking for some international creationists

Core Academy is cooking up an interesting plan that we can't really announce publicly yet, but...

We would like to hear from international creationists who would be interested in doing some traveling to learn more about science and creation.  If you're from South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, or the Pacific (Canada or Mexico too), we'd like to have a conversation with you.  We're especially interested in talking to students or scholars.  If that little tease sounds interesting to you and you fit this description, let's have a conversation.  Email me directly at the address below.  Thanks!

(I might add that this could be the start of something big, so don't delay contacting me!)

Feedback? Email me at toddcharleswood [at] gmail [dot] com. If you enjoyed this article, please consider a contribution to Core Academy of Science. Thank you.

Have you read my book?  You should check that out too!

About that book...

Longtime readers know that Darrel Falk and I have been working on a book together called The Fool and the Heretic.  It's kind of a creation/evolution book but also a memoir and a commentary on conflict and the unity of the church.  I can't remember how long we've been working on this book, and I am cautiously glad to see it finally in print.

It's a difficult book, though.

It was immensely difficult to write.  I felt like I only get one chance at this, and I need to write something so astonishingly good that it will be unforgettable.  I kept editing and tinkering and rewriting my bits, and finally I had to tell myself, "That will have to be good enough.  I can't keep everyone else waiting while I pursue some impossible perfection."  I actually fast-tracked The Quest on my list of things to do, because I wanted a chance to make a fuller and clearer statement of my own before The Fool and the Heretic arrived at retail.  I didn't want anyone to misunders…