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Movie ponderings: The Riot and the Dance

Wow.  Last night, I went to see the new film The Riot and the Dance featuring biologist Gordon Wilson from New St. Andrews College.  Gordon was a professor of mine when I was an undergrad at Liberty.  He taught me to appreciate plants, which was a big deal because at the time I thought plants were boring.  Boy was I wrong.

Today, many years after my botany class, I saw Gordon on the big screen, and I'm struggling to express what I saw.  The movie was quintessential Gordon as he chased snakes and lizards and bugs and even a leech.  The movie was also so much bigger and so much deeper and so much more than I have experienced before.  This is Gordon's thought and ideas magnified and matured and frankly amazing.  This is biblical integration done well.  Finally.

Within Christian academia there's a big concept going around called the integration of faith and learning.  It's supposed to be about how we put our specialized studies together with our Christian faith.  That sou…

Video Lecture: The Quest: Faith, Science, and Creation in the 21st Century

The second public lecture from Core Academy of Science.  This is a variant of the talk I gave last summer at the Is Genesis History? conference, and I try to explain my take on the present and future of young-age creationism.

Someday, I need to write this up as a book.  I think I'll call it Experiencing the Courageous, Purpose-Driven Quest of Jabez.  It's sure to be a best seller.

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