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New year, new librarian

I'm excited to announce that Brett Thompson has joined Core Academy as our part-time librarian. Brett is a speech therapist who previously worked at a library during his college days. He'll be helping us organize and manage the Core Academy research library. With the library approaching 6,000 volumes, he'll be busy for quite some time. Welcome, Brett!

I'd also like to extend my thanks to Roger Sanders who is now retired from Core Academy. For our first four years, Roger served as our vice president, and he worked steadily to help us create our video curriculum for earth science, biology, and one of our big short courses (which is still in production). When I first dreamed up Core Academy, Roger was willing to give it a try. I don't think I would gone through with starting Core Academy without his encouragement. He'll be retired from actively working with us, but he will remain on our board of directors. So thank you, Roger. May God bless you!

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Top posts of 2017

So I see everyone else is busy posting top ten lists of their most popular articles of the year, and I figured I could do that too!  So without commentary here are my top ten most popular articles from 2017.

The False Dichotomy
Just enjoy the eclipse!
Dating Homo naledi
Is Genesis History Q&A
Defending Creationism
Learning more
Demonizing the enemy
Creationists and Homo naledi
Heaven help us be humble
Is Genesis History? preview night!

Now, I don't think all of those are actually worth reading, so here are my personal picks for top five articles worth reading from 2017.
relax This one was big for me. I felt like I hit on something really, really important here. I'm sorry it wasn't more popular (only #24 on the popularity list). In retrospect, it was probably a little too wordy.  I'll have to revisit that theme in 2018.
The False Dichotomy This was a response to complaints about the movie Is Genesis History?, and I thought it was well worth reading and considering again.
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New year, new beginning, new book

Welcome to 2018. I hope it's a good one.

I'm excited to announce that I just finished working on a book manuscript that I've co-written with Darrel Falk (along with many other generous folks behind the scenes). Long time readers might remember that Darrel and I have been talking. Darrel's an evolutionist. I'm not. We're both Christians. Sometimes our conversations are maddening. Sometimes they're awkward. Sometimes they're just uncomfortable.

But more often than not, Jesus is right there in our midst talking to both of us, and that's a priceless treasure. Here's a snippet from the manuscript as I try to describe our meetings:
The book of Romans tells us that the Holy Spirit prays for us with groans that cannot be uttered. That’s really the best way I can describe what happens. Sometimes the Spirit shows me things about Darrel that I really didn’t understand.  Sometimes the Spirit shows me things about myself that I don’t particularly like.  Som…