Introducing the Creation Theology Society

You probably already heard about the big announcement from Origins 2020, if you follow social media at all.  This year, after much prayer and hope for decades, we have a Creation Theology Society as a sister society to the Creation Geology Society and the Creation Biology Society.  The new CTS president Jeremy Lyon announced the society on the first day of the conference, and the response was very, very positive.

We creationists live in a world of constant integration between scripture and science, and most of us do the scripture part as near total amateurs.  I've tried to interact with theologians over the years, with varying levels of success.  What I often find is that the theologians get distracted with deeper questions than the more superficial things I want to know.  Alternatively, they're content refuting someone like John Walton but leave aside many challenging questions.  So I am delighted we have a nucleus of theologians committed to working towards better integration.  This will mean less embarrassment for us amateurs and more effectively "dividing the word of truth."  May their numbers grow!

If you would like more information about the CTS, please visit their website at

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