Historical Genesis for the Next Generation

Courtesy Compass Cinema

Wow.  What a weekend.  The new documentary Is Genesis History? opened at 700 theaters across the country, and 140,000 people enjoyed a brief glimpse into the world of creationist research.  I had a great time seeing the film on the big screen, but it was a lot more fun talking to people outside after the film.  People are really excited about what they saw.

While we're all still excited about the movie, I wanted to remind everyone that what you saw in that film took a lot of work, and I'm not talking about the film itself.  Every one of those scientists and scholars in the film has spent a huge amount of time and effort studying God's creation and making those discoveries. I spent about twenty years working on baraminology and applying it to fossil hominins.  Research like that takes brain power and education.  It takes creativity and inspiration.  And yes, it takes money.

At Core Academy, we liked Is Genesis History?, but we're really interested in the future: Is Genesis History? The Next Generation.  Core Academy wants to help train that next generation of creation scientists, and our programs are all designed to help identify and educate the future of creationism.  Especially through our internship program, we are honored and thrilled to be discipling these young scientists-in-training.

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