The darkness of social media

So I joined Facebook recently.  I've been a holdout for years, the grumpy old man that refused to join this pointless and invasive timewaster.  But I've been considering the advantages for some time now, especially for someone trying to build a ministry and an audience, and so I finally just took the plunge.

I admit that it's fun reconnecting with people I haven't seen for years, and my personal Facebook has a different audience than Core Academy's.  The fun and novelty has quickly worn off, though.  I continue to be shocked almost every day at the cruel and wicked things that people post.  I see things from the "right" and the "left," and they're all just terrible.  What happened to videos of kittens and little kids doing silly things?  What happened to kindness and compassion?  What happened to "love your enemy?"

Creationists get a lot of flak for refusing to allow comments on their websites, like this one for example.  Supposedly we're afraid of facing the truth or some such nonsense.  I'll tell you, if Facebook is the kind of "feedback" or "comments" people want to post here, you will NEVER see comments here.  Here I am working for the past four years to bring some sense and decency to a hot doctrinal debate, and it seems like the Christian culture is going the opposite direction as fast as possible.  It's depressing.

Facebook is what Babel must have been like before God sent us all to separate corners of the earth.  I can finally see why He did that.

In conclusion, I don't have any good advice.  This is a "psalm of lament."  Maranatha!  Come, Lord Jesus.

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