About that election

Photo: Pixabay
So I guess we had an election last week, and some people are not very happy about it, including a lot of people who voted for the president-elect.  This blog has never been about politics, and I'm not going to change that now.  I will admit that I voted third party, but that's all I want to say about the candidates or the election.  I don't need any more enemies, and I'd much rather make a few comments about the fallout.

It's been very strange to see how destructive this election has turned out to be.  I've seen bitter arguments break out between former friends.  I've heard decent arguments for and against both major candidates.  I've had agonizing conversations with friends far and near about what to do and how to vote.  Since the election we've seen the anger in our country boiling over to protests and sporadic violence.  I wish I had some answers or encouragement, but I only have one thought I wanted to share.

In the course of my career as a creationist, I've watched a lot of organizations prosper by feeding on people's fear of evolutionists or creationists.  Fear is a great motivator, and fear is kind of like easy money for fundraising.  "Unless you send a donation right now, the bad guys will win!"  Sound familiar?

Fear only gets us so far, though.  Fear causes us to draw in and protect our own.  Fear stagnates, and most ironically, fear makes us less effective at doing what we need to do.

That may seem hard to understand, especially when we see the quick and easy success that comes from preying on fear.  But the long game, the long term effort to change our culture, to help Christians reclaim their rightful place in the world of science, that can't be won by fear.  That can only be won by courage.

It would be easy for me to try to raise money for Core Academy by appealing to fear.  We could certainly use the money, but I know that we need courage more than fear.  We need to face the challenges in creationism with excitement, joy, and hope that God is at work (because He is).  Core Academy wants to draw more Christians into this wonderful quest to discover God through His creation.  This process will take generations, and it will require persistent and patient dedication.  The end is worth it, though.

Fear is not.

So do something courageous this holiday season.  Volunteer your time to a good cause that you believe in.  Give generously to organizations that you support (maybe even Core Academy).  Take time to listen to those you disagree with, maybe even your ideological enemies.  Don't let fear win.

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