Research Week: The Wonder of it All

Most of you know that I love research.  I love learning new things, and I get a huge charge out of discovering new things.  Being a scientist is a perfect job for me, because I get to discover new things pretty regularly.

This week, I'm kicking off a special week of blog posts celebrating the wonder of discovery.  Every morning I'll be posting a new article looking at some interesting new development in the world of science.  Some of them will have obvious creationist applications, and others will not.  These posts are all leading up to a big announcement next Monday morning, and I hope you'll stick around for that.

I think research is so wonderful because it is the Lord's work that I study.  In a sense, all research is "creation research," because the physical world that we study is the creation.  The world around us isn't just a passive, inert place for us to live.  God's creation is infused with His glory.  The universe declares His power and wisdom.  Every rock, every leaf, even the tiniest bugs you can't see take part in praising the wonder of their Creator.

Studying God's works lets us join that song of praise.  As I get older, this sense of wonder gets bigger and bigger.  Every time I find something new I didn't know before, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude to my Creator and Savior for letting me see these things.  What a privilege it is to praise the Lord!

Tomorrow, we ascend into heaven, and He will be there!

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