Colossian Forum essay is CONVICTING

WOW! Read this essay by northern Alabama teacher Vic Minish:

Reflections on the TCF Writer’s Guidelines and Life in the Classroom

If you're thinking TLDR, here's an incredibly important snippet:
Those of other religions, and the atheistic scientist were not enemies, but image bearers to whom we were called to bear witness of the good news. The idea reframed the discussion. Denominational plurality is not the enemy. "Yankees"(Northerners) are not the enemy. Science is not the enemy. The good news means there doesn’t have to be suspicion all the time. Even when others hold similar kinds of reservation about us, we don’t have to return the favor. We can lay our life down for others with joy – even when they castigate us.
I hope that baits you into reading the whole thing.

Mr. Minish, if you ever stumble across this little post, thanks for a great reminder!

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