Church fathers on the Flood

We hear a lot about what the Church fathers did (or did not) believe about the days of creation. Plenty - PLENTY - of people want us to think that creationism is some twentieth (or nineteenth) century theological abnormality, but that's simply not true. The majority of the church fathers would view the history of the earth in accord with the history recorded in the early chapters of Genesis, as a modern young-earth creationist would. Even though the fathers' view of creation is the focus of most modern scholars' debates, the fathers also had opinions about the global Flood, which I think is at least as important as what they believed about creation. On the CMI website, Paul Garner's got a new article on the church fathers and their views of the Flood. Not surprisingly, he concludes that the fathers explicitly favored a global Flood. It's interesting reading, and I recommend it.

The Church Fathers on the Genesis Flood

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