Been busy

Last semester when I turned in my grades, I was looking forward to blogging about some interesting stuff. But then something happened. I don't know exactly what, but words have just been tumbling out of me. Not words on the blog, of course. I've managed to write three papers (one completely from scratch) in the past month, and I'm in the middle of another one now. I feel like I need to channel this creativity into formal writing rather than just blogging, so things will be quiet around here for a while. In the meantime, allow me to divert your attention to Paul Garner's blog, in a cheap effort to pretend like I'm posting new content.

First, Paul's got a post on one of the weirdest and stubbornly persistent issues in biblical exegesis: Where did Cain get his wife? Fact is, the Bible doesn't say where Cain got his wife. If you want to read contradictions into Genesis, you can pretend that this is a huge problem and that the Bible must teach that there were other people besides the family of Adam and Eve. If you want to read Genesis as a consistent narrative, then you can take the textual hints that Eve was the mother of all living and that Adam and Eve had sons and daughters, and deduce that Cain married his sister. Either way you go, it's an interpretation of information the Bible doesn't actually give us.

In another post, Paul announces the debut of Set in Stone: Evidence for Earth's Catastrophic Past, a DVD he's been working on for some time. Those at Origins 2011 got a sneak peak at this video, and now it's available to order (presumably just for UK DVD players? I don't know.) Here's a (suitably dramatic) trailer:

I'm always skeptical of "fact-filled" things, but in this case, I quite liked the video.

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