Introducing the Colossian Forum

I was recently contacted by a new organization called the Colossian Forum. Normally, I'm pretty skeptical of new organizations in the religion/science debate, but this one is a bit different. Actually, the Colossian Forum seems to be a lot different. They say that they do not take a particular stand on issues. Their purpose is to encourage us Christians to be more Christian in our disagreements over theology and science. I am eager to see how well that pans out.

In the meantime, I wrote an essay for them, which they've published on their website. It started out as a suggestion that I could not resist:

What I would like to hear an evolutionary creationist say

I had already been thinking about that very topic when it was suggested to me, so it sort of wrote itself. You probably won't be surprised to see what I came up with, but I'm sure it's different from what you would get from most other creationists.


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