Talks for 2010 BSG/CGS conference

Here is the final list of talks for the 2010 BSG/CGS conference. This is not a schedule (it's just alphabetical).

Creation Geology Society 2010 presentations

Austin - Submarine Liquefied Sediment Gravity Currents: Understanding the Mechanics of the Major Sediment Transportation and Deposition Agent during the Global Flood

Cheung, Strom, Whitmore - Persistence of Dolomite in the Coconino Sandstone, Northern and Central Arizona

Garner - Permian Cross-bedded Sandstones and Their Significance for Global Flood Models

Gollmer - Deep Ocean Interaction in a Post-Flood Warm Ocean Scenario

Hutchison - Potential Mechanisms for the Deposition of Halite and Anhydrite in a Near-critical or Supercritical Submarine Environment

Oard - Dinosaur Tracks, Eggs, and Bonebeds Explained Early in the Flood

Ross - YEC Geology in the Classroom: Educational Materials, Challenges and Needs

Snelling - Radiohalos in Multiple, Sequentially-Intruded Phases of the Bathurst Batholith, NSW, Australia: Evidence for Rapid Granite Formation During the Flood

Snelling - Radiocarbon in Permian Coal Beds of the Sydney Basin, Australia

Stansbury - How Does an Underwater Debris Flow End? Flow Transformation Evidences Observed within the Lower Redwall Limestone of Arizona and Nevada

Whitmore, Strom - Clay Content: A Simple Criterion for the Identification of Fossil Desiccation Cracks?

Whitmore - Preliminary Report and Significance of Grain Size Sorting in Modern Eolian Sands

Whitmore, Maithel - Preliminary Report on Sorting and Rounding in the Coconino Sandstone

BSG 2010 presentations

Bartlett - Estimating Active Information in Adaptive Mutagenesis

Bartlett - Developing an Approach to Non-Physical Cognitive Causation in a Creation Perspective

Demme - Grasses and Shrubs or Grain and Thorn-bushes? The Vegetation of Genesis 2.5

Francis - Use of Halobacteria as a Model Research Organism in the Undergraduate Research Laboratory

Sanders - Baraminological Status of the Verbenaceae (Verbena Family)

Wilson - Revisiting the 'Clear Synapomorphy' Criterion

Wise - Dominion: Human raison d’ĂȘtre, Foundation of Bioethics, Foundation of Environmentalism

Wood - Species and Genus Counts for Terrestrial Mammal Families Reveals Evidence for and against Widespread Intrabaraminic Diversification

Wood - A Re-evaluation of the Baraminic Status of Australopithecus sediba Using Cranial and Postcranial Characters

We're doing really well on registrations this year, but there's still plenty of room for more folks.

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