Preview of 2010 CGS presentations

Here's a list of the geology abstracts that will be presented at this year's BSG/CGS meeting. Biology abstracts are still being revised, but I will post them here when I get the final list from the editor.

  • Persistence of dolomite in the Coconino Sandstone, northern and central Arizona - Cheung, Strom, Whitmore
  • Potential mechanisms for the deposition of halite and anhydrite in a near-critical or supercritical submarine environment - Hutchison
  • Dinosaur Tracks, Eggs, and Bonebeds Explained Early in the Flood - Oard
  • Permian cross-bedded sandstones and their significance for global Flood models - Garner
  • YEC Geology in the Classroom: Educational Materials Challenges and Needs - Ross
  • Radiohalos in Multiple, Sequentially-Intruded Phases of the Bathurst Batholith, NSW, Australia: Evidence for Rapid Granite Formation During the Flood - Snelling
  • Radiocarbon in Permian Coal Beds of the Sydney Basin, Australia - Snelling
  • Clay content: A simple criterion for the identification of fossil desiccation cracks? - Whitmore, Strom
  • Preliminary Report and Significance of Grain Size Sorting in Modern Eolian Sands - Whitmore
  • Preliminary Report on Sorting and Rounding in the Coconino Sandstone - Whitmore, Maithel
  • How does an underwater debris flow end? Flow transformation evidences observed within the lower Redwall Limestone of Arizona and Nevada - Stansbury

There's plenty of room if you're still thinking of attending. Early registration deadline is the end of this month, then the price goes up. Register here.

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