Evolution still not in crisis

I'm getting ready to head out to Evolution 2010 this weekend, and I found this little tidbit on the conference webpage:
Evolution 2010 will be the largest Evolution conference ever with over 1,800 registrants, more than 1,100 talks, and nearly 400 posters!
That is truly impressive. The average BSG conference does well to attract about 50. The CRS conference last year drew 70-80. The biggest creationist conference is the ICC. It draws between 250 and 400. I've never been to a regular ID conference (do they even have such things? RAPID?), so I have no idea how many they draw. I'm guessing it's nowhere near 1800.

Evolution is not a theory in crisis. It is not teetering on the verge of collapse. It has not failed as a scientific explanation. There is evidence for evolution, gobs and gobs of it. It is not just speculation or a faith choice or an assumption or a religion. It is a productive framework for lots of biological research, and it has amazing explanatory power. There is no conspiracy to hide the truth about the failure of evolution. There has really been no failure of evolution as a scientific theory. It works, and it works well.
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I'll be posting from the conference (hopefully daily) so check back this weekend.

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