Evolution and health care

I often hear folks tell me that evolution doesn't have anything to do with real science, like for example medicine. I sympathize with that. In my own experience, many folks in biomedical research know little about evolution. On the other hand, general ignorance of evolution does not mean that evolutionary theory cannot inform medical research. Witness the latest supplementary issue of PNAS, dedicated to an "Evolution in Health and Medicine Sackler Colloquium." The papers appear to be open access, so enjoy. A few that might be of interest to creation biologists (or at least of interest to me):

Holmes. 2010. The comparative genomics of viral emergence. PNAS 107:1742-1746.

Carneiro and Hartl. 2010. Adaptive landscapes and protein evolution. PNAS 107:1747-1751.

Nesse et al. 2010. Making evolutionary biology a basic science for medicine. PNAS 107:1800-1807.