Genesis Kinds England, Day 4

Today, we visited the Natural History Museum in part to see the Darwin exhibit, "Darwin's Big Idea." I have a lot of thoughts about that exhibit, and I'm going to put those in a separate post. Otherwise here's a few shots of our day.

The main hall was crowded when we got there, but it was probably twice as crowded in the afternoon. Notice in the back where the statue of Sir Richard Owen used to preside over the museum he founded, now Darwin sits holding court. Owen would be ticked!

One of these is an important historical artifact in the history of comparative anatomy. One is not. Choose wisely.

Here's all the Darwin swag I bought at the Darwin giftstore. There's a doll, jigsaw puzzle, shirt, commemorative coin, keychain, fridge magnet, a book of reproductions of important Darwin-related manuscripts, and a Darwin finger puppet. It's a mix of fun things and somewhat disturbing items (a doll?). (We have many plans for the finger puppet.)

I decided to pass on the Darwin lollies.