England 3: Elsenham

I wound up my speaking in England yesterday at Elsenham. My talk was part of the 900th anniversary celebration of St. Mary's of Elsenham. There were about 50 people in the crowd.

After the disagreements at Cambridge, I rewrote a significant portion of my "Science and the Supernatural" presentation, and I think it was much better. The crowd certainly reacted positively. There were many interesting questions ranging from the age of the earth to Kantian philosophy to the anthropic principle.

Thanks to you folks in Cambridge for helping me refine my thinking on the subject. And thanks to Paul Garner and Biblical Creation Ministries for sponsoring my visit. I'd like to say a special thank you to Stephen and Joan Bazlinton for sharing their home with me during my visit and for arranging my schedule.

Hopefully we can do this again sometime.