War and Peace audio

Some of you might recall that CORE and the Bryan Institute for Critical Thought and Practice hosted a symposium in February titled "War and Peace: 150 Years of Christian Encounters with Darwin." The speakers were myself, Ted Davis (Messiah College), Jon Roberts (Boston University), Steve Matheson (Calvin College), and me. I summarized the event here.

The audio for the event has now been posted online. Here are the sessions in order:

"A look at Darwin's life," Todd Wood (preview session in Friday chapel)
"Changing Protestant responses to Darwinism, 1859-1900," Jon Roberts
"Religion and Science in Modern America," Ted Davis
"Evolution and Creation at Calvin College," Steve Matheson
"Caught in the Middle: The Unusual Views of Erich Wasmann," Todd Wood
Closing panel discussion

It should be obvious that the statements of these individuals do not represent the official positions of Bryan College or CORE, nor does their appearance here represent endorsement of any positions of CORE or Bryan College.

Audio from previous Bryan Institute symposia is also available from the Bryan Institute website.