JCTSB call for papers on symbiosis and relationship

Last year, the CBS pioneered a new, more active editorial process for our journal JCTS Series B: Life Sciences.  Behind the scenes, we solicited papers for a theme issue that I'll tell you about later (because it's still behind the scenes!), and we issued an open call for papers on the subject of baramins.  We were pleasantly surprised by the response, so we knew we'd have to do it again.  At this year's conference we brainstormed on theme ideas and finally settled on Symbiosis and Relationship.  What does that entail?  A lot, really.  Everything from general ecological relationships to invasive species to host/parasite relationships to predator/prey relationships to mutualistic symbioses.  We'd be interested in reading manuscripts on alleged genomic parasites, microbes, metazoans, plants, fungi, even entire ecosystems.  Paleo people aren't left out either: a common theme in creationist paleontology is the ecological zonation theory (either Clark's classical elevational or the newer geographic version), which would be ideal for this special issue.

Read the full call for papers at the Creation Biology Society website.  Deadline for submission is January 31, 2013.

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