JCTSB Special Issue on the Baramin: Call for Papers

From the website of the Creation Biology Society:

Journal of Creation Theology and Science Series B: Life Sciences
Special Issue: Baramins
Call for Papers

The editorial board of JCTSB is planning to publish a special issue in summer 2012 with the theme of identification of baramins. Papers suitable for this issue include reviews of the hybridization literature of particular groups or full-blown original statistical baraminological analyses. Methodological papers or critiques will also be considered. Longer papers will be published as research articles; shorter papers (e.g., former abstracts expanded to include more detailed methods, data, and results, as well as brief discussions) will be published as research reports. Each paper should be written according to the standard JCTSB formatting requirements.

We invite researchers to submit appropriate papers via the User Home Page of the JCTSB website (http://www.bryancore.org/jcts/) upon registering with the journal. Questions should be addressed to Roger Sanders (editor@creationbiology.org). To be considered for the special issue, the deadline for submissions is January 31, 2012. Submissions will be sent to a minimum of two reviewers, per normal editorial procedures. Final versions should be ready by June or July for publication.

JCTSB: The Journal of Creation Theology and Science Series B: Life Sciences is edited and published by the Creation Biology Society. The journal serves as the outlet of technical research, reviews, and opinions of relevance to young-age creationist biology. As a young-age creationist journal, all submissions must be favorable to or at least respectful of creationism.

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