Coming up

The summer is rapidly coming to a close. I've returned from the last of my travels, I'm seeing a lot of my faculty colleagues on campus again, and in one short week, I'll be in faculty workshop again. I didn't even get half the stuff done this summer that I wanted to. That's pretty typical though.

So what's coming up this fall from CORE? Roger and I will be working on several special issues of JCTSB, including one on the baramin. That means we'll be writing some new papers summarizing some of our research on carnivorous plants and the verbena family. I'll also be working with Marcus Ross and Paul Garner on our Avialae paper. To top all that off, I've started a significant research project as a response to Senter's criticisms. It goes way beyond dinosaurs, though, and it could potentially change everything that's been happening in baraminology over the last decade. Big stuff.

Over at the Creation Biology Society, I've already started working with my colleagues to develop the program for Origins 2012, the next big CBS/CGS conference. It's going to be big, and I will try to keep you updated on news from that front as often as I can. You won't want to miss this conference, I promise. (Meanwhile, Paul Garner has posted his reflections on Origins 2011.)

As usual, then, I've got a busy semester.

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