Sediba paper and Evolution2011

Longsuffering readers will be interested to know that I'm putting the finishing touches on my response to the critics of my hominid baraminology paper. Last year, I discussed several responses:
Reckless and farcical
Lubenow on sediba
Sediba, the bad, and the ugly

As I noted previously, I was given the opportunity to respond to Menton, Habermehl, and DeWitt by the editor of Answers Research Journal, but I declined. In retrospect, I'm glad I did. My intention was to allow the dust to settle, so to speak. I wanted to give the print journals (CRSQ and JC) the opportunity to put out rebuttals, and I wanted to take the time to think the issues over more carefully. Some people were pretty critical of my unwillingness to shoot right back at my critics, but I'm glad I waited. My manuscript response has now been heavily edited and modified twice, and I'm much happier with the result. So we can look forward to its imminent publication.

Meanwhile, I'm off to Evolution2011 tomorrow in Norman, OK. As in previous years, I'll be posting daily summaries of my activities, so check back this weekend for those.

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