Lubenow on sediba

Over at AIG, Marvin Lubenow weighed in on sediba. His conclusion? "The most parsimonious explanation regarding Australopithecus sediba is that it and Australopithecus africanus are both extinct varieties of the original Genesis ape kind." No surprises there. Here's my favorite bit, though:

The exact nature of these creatures is determined by one’s worldview. If
biblical creationism is true, then Au. sediba is just one of the many variant
apes created by God.

Ouch. I guess I know where I stand. Since I don't think sediba is an ape, I must not be a biblical creationist.

Except that I am a creationist, and I'm not going to change.

In any event, I'm really enjoying this sediba feedback. It's extremely revealing. Keep it coming!

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