The furor continues, as silly as it is. My blog hits yesterday shot up to heights I've not seen since Pharyngula made fun of me back in March. I've begun to notice a strange undercurrent of folks proposing that I'm not really a young earth creationist. One especially amusing person suggested that I was stupid, possibly bipolar, or just a liar (scroll down here to Lester10's post). So much for that whole "love your enemies" thing.

Lest my creationist credentials be doubted, let me be blunt:

I believe that God created everything that you see in six consecutive days around 6000 years ago.
I believe that Adam and Eve were the very first humans and were directly created by God.
I believe Adam and Eve sinned, and that sin brought death, carnivory, disease, and suffering into the world.
I believe that people really lived to be 900+ years back then.
I believe that there was a truly global Flood that inundated the entire planet.
I believe that humans and land animals were preserved on an Ark (approximately 450 feet long for those keeping score).
I believe that the humans after the Flood gradually stopped living to be 900+.
I believe that the humans after the Flood tried to build a tower in Babel to prevent their dispersal across the globe, in direct contradiction to God's command.
I believe that God punished the builders of Babel by miraculously confusing their languages.

I believe lots of other things about creation, too, but that should suffice to establish my point: I don't think you can get much more creationist than that.

I also believe that there is legitimate evidence for evolution (including universal common ancestry), but I'll develop that theme some other time. Stay tuned!