Not Noah's Ark update

Remember that Noah's Ark discovery by Noah's Ark Ministries International that isn't really Noah's Ark? I've mentioned this quite a bit back in April when the announcement was made (hereherehere, and here), and based on their alleged evidence for the Ark, I firmly rejected their claims. Recently, Randall Price, a professor at Liberty University and critic of the NAMI "discovery," has published his formal criticism in a newsletter, which you can read for yourself at his website (or go straight to the PDF). The verdict is not good. The evidence they present supports their conclusion that this was a hoax, and some of their evidence even implicates NAMI as willing partners in this hoax. In other words, it's an outright fraud.

Creationists making honest mistakes is one thing, but fraud is just depressing.  It is good to know the details though, and we can thank Randall Price and Don Patton for that.

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