More on not Noah's Ark

The weirdness continues. Here's a blog with the full letter from Randall Price:
Randall Price: Ark Pictures are Fake

I understand a public statement from Price will soon appear. In the meantime, let's note a few points. Price says that this is a hoax played on NAMI. He says, "I am sorry to have to report this is apparently a fake (and I am sure that the Chinese do not know this, but they do not respond to my e-mails)." So they took your hundred grand, promised to return it, then ignored your requests for your money and your warnings about the fake ark. And now they won't return your emails. Why exactly do you think they're victims of a hoax?

Others are pointing out that Price is a competitor of NAMI, so we should be skeptical of his claims. As Price himself says, "I encourage your prayers for me and others who will have to explain this 'discovery' to many others – because negative reports are never well received and motives are questioned, especially when those doing so are part of a competitive expedition." Under normal circumstances skepticism of Price is probably warranted, but given that the Ark cannot be on Agri Dagh, I don't think I'm really jumping to conclusions here.

Creationist Tas Walker is also skeptical of Agri Dagh being the resting place of Noah's Ark for some of the same reasons I am. So I'm not the only one (although I confess I don't understand his idea about the "pointy mountain" - it's not that pointy).

Meanwhile I got quoted by Ker Than at National Geographic, which frankly, is a pretty good article. How's that for weird? Of all the things for National Geographic to quote me on...