Your advice sought

It's that time of year again. I just finished writing up CORE's annual report for Bryan College, and I've been thinking quite seriously about how to improve our public outreach. I have been encouraged to think about using new media, and I'd like your reaction to the following ideas. Do you like them? Anything stick out as especially interesting? Anything you especially dislike?

1. We have regular lectures here at the college as part of our origins journal club. We could record these talks and post them as streaming audio or video for free.

2. We could produce some nicer videos of the journal club presentations from CORE faculty and post them as streaming video for free. These would be professionally recorded and would integrate graphics.

3. We could create an online course (or more) that anyone could take. This would involve a fee, but you would get college credit. I was thinking about a basic introduction to origins and science that would cover (and expand on) some of the material that I presented at my symposium at Messiah College.

I'd appreciate any advice you might want to offer.