Other creationists do research, too!

I was reading the CRS board of directors' minutes in the latest issue of the Quarterly, and I was a little shocked by one of the statements. According to the minutes, CRS president Don DeYoung "shared that we are the oldest creation organization and the only one doing research." I thought that it must be a typo or some kind of oversimplification of what he said, but then under the CRS research committee report, I read, "The CRS is the organization actually doing research."

I understand that the Board wants to promote the CRS, and I understand the need to make an organization distinct. I also understand that the CRS is one of the few creationists organizations that has a primary mission to encourage and publish original research. But that doesn't make the CRS the only ones doing research. I'm sure this was just a mistake in the minutes, but for the sake of the public, I'd like to clarify the issue.

ICR is currently funding geological research, and I know firsthand that research on the Coconino Sandstone is really interesting. GRI has a number of research projects going on around the world. At AIG, Andrew Snelling continues his research on radiohalos and other subjects. I know Rob Carter at CMI has been working on some genetics projects (PDF), and CMI's Emil Silvestru is also doing geological research (abstract). Smaller groups are quite active too. The Earth History Research Center organizes a significant dinosaur dig in Wyoming. At BCM, Paul Garner is working with ICR on their Coconino project. If I might be allowed to "toot my own horn," the research output of CORE has been significant. I'm sure I'm leaving out someone somewhere, and that just illustrates how much research is happening. No one person can be expected to remember it all!

As you can see, there's plenty of creationist research going on in many organizations, and none of them have an exclusive claim to that research. In my mind, that's a good thing. A monopoly on creationist research would be counterproductive, to say the least.

(As far as the oldest creation organization, that would be the Creation Science Movement, originally founded as the Evolution Protest Movement in 1932.)