BSG & Geology conference information

Next week, July 8, is the deadline for early registration for the BSG/geology conference. After that next Wednesday, the price goes up, so if you want to come, you really should register ASAP. Check out the Genesis Kinds website for registration.

You might be wondering if the conference will be worth the money, so I thought I'd post a little more information about the talks. The plenary sessions will be the same sessions as the conference in England. For a rundown of those talks, check out the "Look Inside" feature on Amazon's listing of the conference proceedings. Remember: You'll get a copy of the proceedings with your registration, so don't buy one now unless you want two copies.

The rest of the conference includes talks from both BSG members and members of the creation geology group, as follows in absolutely no particular order:

  • "Pentacyclic Triterpenes of Lantana: Co-occurrence of Liver Toxins and Liver Protectants" - Brown & Sanders
  • "The Current Taxonomic Status of Family Ursidae: The Baraminological Implications" - Hennigan
  • "Theological Reasons for Negative Elements in Pre-Fall Creation? God's Use of Negative Elements in a "Very Good" Creation" - Davis
  • "Curious Patterns of Variation within the Anatidae Monobaramin and Implications for Baraminological Research" - Lightner
  • "Transcription of Human Endogenous Retroviruses during the Menstrual Cycle" - Loggans, Mudge, & Liu
  • "A minimum spanning-tree approach to migration patterns using genetic distances" - Golian
  • "Creation Biology Suggestions From Evolutionary Genetics" - Wise
  • "Odontochelys as an Intermediate Form" - Wood
  • "The Hypogene Speleogenesis of the Cumberland Plateau Grassy Cove Saltpeter Cave System, Cumberland County, Tennessee" - Wise
  • "Grain size and textural characteristics of sediments from modern sandwaves: a literature review" - Garner
  • "Persistence and significance of micas in the Coconino Sandstone, northern Arizona" - Whitmore & Strom
  • "Persistence of dolomite in the Coconino Sandstone, northern Arizona" - Cheung, Strom, & Whitmore
  • "Kilometer‐scale horizontal movement of fluidized sand associated with uplift of the Colorado Front Range" - Hoesch

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