Christian Perspectives on the Origin of Species

Savvy readers are probably wondering, "What happened to CORE Issues volume 4???" Production delays, but that's over and the penultimate issue is now available to order from Wipf and Stock for only $17.60.

What's the topic? This volume is a little different: It's a compilation of Christian writings on the question of the origin of species, edited by my BCM buddy Paul Garner. Here's the table of contents:
  1. Francesco Redi, from Experiments on the Generation of Insects, 1668.
  2. Carolus Linnaeus, "De Peloria" (a new English translation), 1744.
  3. William Herbert, "On crosses and hybrid intermixtures in vegetables," from Amaryllidaceae, 1837.
  4. Louis Agassiz, "Geographical distribution of animals," 1850.
  5. Asa Gray, Review of Origin, 1860.
  6. Fleeming Jenkin, from Review of Origin, 1867.
  7. St. George Jackson Mivart, from Chapter 11 from Genesis of Species, 1871.
  8. Erich Wasmann, from Chapter 9 of Modern Biology and the Theory of Evolution Third English edition, 1910.
  9. Harold C. Morton, from Chapter X of The Bankruptcy of Evolution, 1925.
  10. Byron C. Nelson, "More about the origin of species," 1929.
  11. Dudley Joseph Whitney, "The origin of species," 1929.
  12. Douglas Dewar, from Chapter 2 of Difficulties of the Evolution Theory, 1931.
  13. George McCready Price, "Nature's Two Hundred Families," 1938.
  14. Harold W. Clark, from Chapter 4, Genes and Genesis, 1940.
  15. Frank L. Marsh, from Chapter 10, Evolution Creation and Science Second edition, 1947.

Yes, it's a weird list, and no, they're not all "biologists." This is actually the background of Paul's paper for the Genesis Kinds conference. It is biased towards those who accepted limited evolution of some species, but it also includes readings from the full spectrum of positions. From the more famous names, we selected lesser known works, so hopefully this will be worth your professional development dollars in this age of squeezed and vanishing budgets.

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  4. Christian Perspectives on the Origin of Species, $17.60
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We've got one more title coming sometime this summer, and I think some of you might like it.