CELD Update

I'm still working on the BSG conference, but in the meantime, we just finished a big overhaul of CELD. The journal contents should be up to date for most of the creationist titles, and the new search engine now supports phrase searching (with quotation marks) and simple operators like AND, OR, and NOT. The new search engine is a lot more sophisticated than the old one, so it should be much easier to find what you're looking for.

What's CELD? It's the Creation-Evolution Literature Database. It's like a PubMed or Proquest for creationism. You can search for article references based on words used in the title or 'abstract.' (For articles that don't have abstracts, we just use the first paragraph or the first sentence for really short things.) Today, CELD contains 22,440 articles with about 40% linked directly to full-text content at publishers' websites. The articles come from the major creationist publications, like CRSQ, Origins (GRI and BCS), and Journal of Creation. You'll also find a whole smorgasboard of science/religion periodicals, like Science and Christian Belief, PSCF, and Creation/Evolution. It's a handy tool for doing research on creationist and anticreationist ideas.

Search CELD here.

CELD is sponsored and maintained by the Center for Origins Research at Bryan College.