Darwin a plagiarist???

I read an awful book last summer called The Darwin Conspiracy. It was so bad, I found myself researching the claims, initially for a journal club session last fall, and later I wrote up my findings in a paper. Today, ARJ published that paper:

Wood, T.C. 2009. There is no Darwin conspiracy. ARJ 2:11-20. [HTML] [PDF]

Kudos to AIG for having the guts to publish what will undoubtedly be an unpopular paper. If you'd like more information on how Darwin really devised his "principle of divergence" (very much at the center of the plagiarism claims), read David Kohn's essay "Darwin's Keystone: The Principle of Divergence" in the new Cambridge Companion to the "Origin of Species".

In case I haven't made myself crystal clear, rest assured that Darwin was no plagiarist. There is no Darwin conspiracy.