The Darwin Issue

Coming up from Answers magazine in January, 2009 is their theme issue on Charles Darwin. You're probably thinking that you've read everything you could possibly read on Darwin from a creationist perspective. I sympathize with that. Creationists tend to be a broken record when it comes to hammering home the creationist message about Darwin. I think you'll find this issue a little different.

I contributed a very little reviewing and writing for this issue, and I've seen some of the articles. I guarantee, they're not what you would expect. A few of the articles have already been posted at the Answers website as a sneak preview, and you can judge for yourself.

"The Pursuit of Darwin" by my CORE colleague Roger Sanders is a kind of spiritual biography of Darwin. The companion piece to Roger's article is called "Darwin's Personal Struggle with Evil" and tells the sad tale of Annie, Darwin's beloved daughter. Paul Garner's "Do Species Change?" is a more conventional creationist article on speciation, but it gives the story a new historical twist that might surprise you.

Thank you, Mike Matthews and the staff at Answers magazine, for making what should be a really unique contribution to the Darwin anniversary.

For more information about Darwin, I highly recommend Desmond and Moore's Darwin: The Life of a Tormented Evolutionist.