CORE's 20th and Genesis Kinds

In case you didn't know, this year is the twentieth anniversary of the Center for Origins Research. Yeah, I know there's another anniversary this year, but that one's not nearly so important. We created an anniversary website where you can find out more about CORE and some of the events we have planned for our anniversary.

Of special interest is the conference we're planning for February 4-5, 2009 at the High Leigh Conference Center in Hoddesdon, England. It's called "Genesis Kinds: Creationism and the Origin of Species" (it was originally inspired by that other anniversary), and it will feature speakers from Bryan College, the Master's College, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and Biblical Creation Ministries. Online registration is available, or you can register by post. We'll be doing the same conference in the US at the end of July, in case you can't afford that plane ticket across the pond. But if you're in the neighborhood, we'd love to see you in Hoddesdon.