Origins 2018 and ICC updates

The Origins 2018 schedule has been posted at the conference website.  There are still tickets left if you're interested in attending.  Get them while you can!

The ICC schedule has been updated, and I also updated my downloadable version.  Be sure to get the latest version if you want to use it to plan your conference experience.  I'd especially like to draw your attention to the great set of baraminology talks at this year's ICC, with which I am quite delighted:
  1. Monday, 8:00 am, Room D: A Survey of Cenozoic Mammal Baramins, Thompson and Wood
  2. Monday, 10:30 am, Room D: Feathered Dinosaurs Reconsidered: New Insights from Baraminology and Ethnotaxonomy, McLain, Petrone, and Speights
  3. Monday, 1:00 pm, Room E: The CRS eKINDS Research Initiative, Lightner and Anderson
  4. Tuesday, 8:00 am, Room C: Baraminological Analysis of Devonian and Carboniferous Tetrapodomorphs, Garner and Asher
  5. Wednesday, 10:30 am, Room C: The Dinosauria: Baraminological and Multivariate Patterns, Doran, McLain, Young, and Sanderson

And another delightful surprise: The full papers of all the conference papers are now available for download at the ICC website.  The linked titles above will take you directly to the published papers.

I also encourage you to check out the contributions by Core Academy scientists, which you can find summarized at the Core Academy website.

Oh, one more thing: There will be copies of my new book The Quest for sale at the conference.  Visit the Cornerstone Educational Supply booth to get your copy!

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